Officina Meccanica Roberto Perego SAS Milan

Welding processes

Welding processes

The company provides customers with advanced high-precision solutions and also performs various types of welding – welding done in a highly professional manner, with flawless welding of materials such as stainless steel and super alloys.

The Officina Meccanica in Opera (Milan) performs coated electrode welding (which is the most common type of welding) as well as MIG welding and TIG welding. MIG welding (MIG stands for Metal-arc Inert Gas) is a type of welding that uses a continuous wire process and ensures high productivity.

TIG welding (TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas) is a type of arc welding process with an infusible tungsten electrode, under the protection of inert gas (with this type of welding high quality welds can be obtained, but it requires highly specialized personnel).

The company has always worked to guarantee the customer high standards of machining of mechanical parts, for a competitive and demanding market. In order to evolve in the sector, it is always fundamental to be open to every innovation and to the introduction of technological modernizations.

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