Machinery and custom-made mechanical components

third party custom-made mechanical components
Clients can visit the premises of the Officina Meccanica Roberto Perego SAS, situated in Opera, in the province of Milan, to see the company’s extensive machinery inventory.

Roberto Perego Sas is equipped with modern equipment which is up-to-date and efficient, selected with care and competence to suitably perform any process required that we offer.

The Milanese company offers quality workmanship with a first-rate department that provides a wide range of solutions and specializes in the production of custom-made mechanical components for third parties.

The work team’s extensive technical and professional expertise makes the company the perfect partner for the processing of high-tech mechanical components.

The premises of the Officina Meccanica Roberto Perego consists of approximately 1000 square metres, divided between the administrative and labour departments. Our expertise in the technologies available on the market and our innovative technological solutions allow for the streamlining of productive processes.

Thanks to the modern machinery department, customers can avail of excellent technical solutions for machining of mechanical parts for third parties, the best and most suited to achieving the highest results in terms of innovation, quality and economy. Contact Roberto Perego Sas for a free quote with no obligation.

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