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Officina Meccanica Roberto Perego SAS is an artisanal company founded in 1976 by Roberto Perego. At the beginning it mostly produced standardized stainless steel fittings, subsequently the company specialized in the production of custom-made special components.

Since its foundation, the Roberto Perego LP company has greatly developed its technological set-up and today can provide a high-end product, capable of satisfying all the needs of the high precision mechanics market. In 2011 the company obtained the TUV ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

The company has an area of 850 square metres and benefits from the collaboration of 6 manual labourers, an office assistant and the owners, who take part in the production and inspection of machined pieces

Innovation AND QUALITY

Clients can visit the headquarters of Officina Meccanica Roberto Perego SAS to view our extensive machinery inventory with which we offer high quality third party mechanical processing.

Thanks to a portable spectrometer, we can carry out PMI tests on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, guaranteeing a certified product.

Recently, a 3D printer was introduced into our machine inventory, which allows prototyping of small ABS and PLA components (220x140x150). . 

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Our business partner

third party mechanical pieces


The Officina Meccanica Roberto Perego SAS, active in the industry of mechanical parts’ processing for third parties, provides advanced technological solutions.

precision mechanical processing


The precision mechanical processing made to order and on behalf of third parties is carried out to perfection with accuracy and attention to minutest detail, with our efficient and modern machinery.

PMI analysis

PMI analysis

The PMI analysis service is offered with the aim of ascertaining the composition of the metals used. A specific quality certificate is issued
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