PMI analysis

PMI analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

PMI analysis
PMI analysis (Positive Material Identification) is a methodology of chemical analysis that is used by the Officina Meccanica Roberto Perego SAS Milan to ascertain the composition of metals.

It is a type of non-destructive analysis process, carried out through the use of specific portable instrumentation, which can be put into use both on ferrous metals and on non-ferrous metals (excluding carbon).

Through the use of an innovative portable spectrometer, the company's team in Milan can easily verify the quality of the metal and can ascertain its suitability for the type of processing for which it will be used.

The analysis process made available by the Mechanical Workshop is a service offered on request. The customer can request the PMI analysis to inspect the material that will be used in the machining processes.

The Officina Meccanica Roberto Perego SAS offers a PMI analysis service to companies that want to simply check the quality of the metal (a quality certificate is issued), without availing of other services offered at the mechanical machining department.

For information on the PMI analysis and on the other processes offered by the company, contact Roberto Perego Sas through the contacts provided on this website. The possibility of obtaining a free and non-binding quote is also offered.
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