Roberto Perego SAS Milan mechanical workshop

Cutting processes

Cutting processes

The Mechanical Workshop in Opera, in the province of Milan, deals with cutting operations on ferrous and non-ferrous materials. All the pieces that have to be processed are commissioned by third parties, with precise and accurate workmanship.

Perego Sas deals, as a subcontractor, with the production of mechanical components on commission and to the customer’s design: starting from the project/design, we perform turning, milling, welding, cutting...

Regarding our cutting operations, thanks to the purchase of innovative saw blades (a particular strength of the company being our utilization of the best tools and the most valid technologies on the market), the company carries out cutting operations of up to a diameter of 350 mm.

The Officina Meccanica Roberto Perego SAS believes that quality is important, but it must never be an end in itself, but a tool that brings increased value to the work and the company, which therefore allows us to provide advanced solutions to the customer.

The trend towards quality must be customer-oriented; this is fundamental in the machining of mechanical parts for third parties. This means that we must understand the needs of the client, and comply with the requirements of the design and the expectations of the workmanship.

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